The Energetic Strategy Coach for Purpose Driven Entrepreneurs


Who I work with:

Ready to Break Through That Elusive Energetic Money Ceiling in 2020? 

How about increase your energetic performance and presence?  

Clear your mind, energy, and subconscious of sabotaging patterns, blocks, and elusive barriers?  

Uplevel your environment, habits, and structure for inevitable success?  

I am Erika Winterton, and I have established a highly refined and unique set of skills that allow me to intuitivly see where your money is coming from, and why it is being blocked from entering your space.  

You'll find out in a moment exactly how I am able to do this and how it will benefit you...  

Where you came from:

As an entrepreneur you likely know there are a thousand and one ways to make more money within your business. Including adjusting strategy, taking risks, making quicker decisions, adding to your team, pricing, increasing productivity, and managing your mind.  


You are likely unaware that there is a faster and more effective way to the success you feel is nearly yours, and still beyond your reach…  

This might look like setting quarterly goals with all the structures and numbers in place, but still falling short.  

Finding that things within the business seem to consume your time and attention yet do not contribute to increasing income. 

You may also notice that business and life have become overwhelmingly unbalanced. Especially when you lay in bed at night, exhausted, and can only think of what you missed out on during the day.  

You feel guilty that you couldn't be more present to those moments with loved ones, the environment, and even the cashier at the coffee shop.  

You might feel anxious or worried that you cannot move your mind away from your business without another trash fire erupting.

You might also be distraught and drained over not feel heard, stress tension in your body, or saying "yes" to something else when you know you are already stretched too thin. You may also keep your focus as far way from your untouched love and sex life as possible, because it is gathering dust. And if you have a partner they might be feeling neglected.  

Worst yet, you are completely consumed by your need to make money in business because without it growing in profit you'll continue burying yourself in debt, feeling your motivation slipping, and fearfully looking for a job. 

The end of the path you are currently walking on, only leads to you feeling forced to admit to your family and doubters that it didn't work out, (just like they thought it would). Then have to force yourself back into a 30-to-life job that leaves you a lifetime of debt, unfulfilled, and living the rest of your life feeling like a complete failure. 

Those are just some hallmarks of hitting what I call, an "energetic ceiling".

You might recognize it as an elusive barrier to your last big risk not paying off.

Not feeling clear on your next step from here, and grasping around in the dark for a life line (potentially in the form of another broken strategy or online course). You begin seeing potential client after client go to someone else for business. The rise of your blood pressure, anxiety, panic attacks, holding your breath, and painful tension in your body. Under the surface you are questioning yourself, the company, your team's ability, and the assurance you had in the path forward to scale. You are wondering if this is still something you want to do anymore. Then you push that thought away, because you have invested so much! Plus what the heck else are you going to do if you can't make your "purpose" business work?  

Where you want to go!

You know something needs to change, and the time to do it is now!

You can't keep taking melatonin to sleep at night… Your daily or weekly massages are not touchinging the tension, stress, and overwhelm like they used to. There is an immense pressure to hustle harder, yet you are feeling fatigued, mentally tapped, and hitting walls everywhere you turn. You're running a mental loop of over analyzing, questioning, worrining, and then checking out or distracting yourself with things you really don't want to do, but feel you must.

You just can't see a way through…  

The real issues that are arising subconsciously, whether you acknowledge them or not, might include: 

  •  Feeling like a fraud, or not a legit business owner.  
  •  Knowing things but not implementing them. ( byproduct of fear of trying because you feel you will only fail, again).  
  •  Questioning your self. "Do I really have what it takes?"  
  •  Pushing Toxic thoughts away with positivity, mantras, and eventually booze/sweets/social media binges. (yet feeling defeated when they seem to always come back around).  
  •  You also might never feel on top of your game, schedule, and organization of life.  
  •  Lacking in confidence, motivation, and support.  


Sometimes it might feel like there is a big target on your back where the universe hits you with moments you feel, "my life is falling apart", "I am a total mess", and " I can't believe this is happening to me, again". You are also likely attracting energy vampires, or people and situations that absolutely tear apart any form of balance you have created. They become constant triggers, dramas, issues, and major distractions. I also find that most of my clients experience money blocks, in many forms. Desperate for money. Never receiving money. Money equating to time spent or work invested. Money always leaving too soon. Never knowing where the money goes. Having just enough to make it by.  

A quick break down of the How:

Fortunately now I can offer you relief.

First, in the form of informing you that all your struggling is in vain. Because there is a very real, solution that exists just beyond what you can currently see.  

Frustrating, I know… but now that you are aware you have a perception gap you can do something about it!  

This is an advantage that most entrepreneurs overlook… because it is untypical of the business world. So it is both powerful for higher levels of monetary attraction and wealth; and it is also an unbelievable advantage over your competitors.  

Wealthy and successful entrepreneurs all utilize energy, vibration, and ritual to increase wealth and manifest what they desire in life. 


First of all, because it works! The unseen forces of reality are literally what makes our world go round, and creates all life (hint: it also creates money and the people who pay you!). So, of course energy also corresponds to the big dreams you have of the future growth of your business, and lots of money!  

Working on your life and business' energetic state naturally creates more money, abundance, and impact!

Without these practices you are leaving a huge gap between you and higher profits, unconsciously sabotaging your efforts, underperforming, and continuously manifesting all the things you don't want. You are also likely never to get to that level you imagine in your head, because there will always be an energetic gap between you and where you want to be. 

So, you are ready to make more money, and be fantastic doing it! Right?

How about, witness yourself showing up on fire, working in flow, and excelling at the work you enjoy most! At the end of the day, you feel fueled, inspired, and clear. 

Repel people and situations that drain, sabotage, or attack you.

Make quick decisions, develop intuition, and confidence.  

Be free of old sabotage patterns around money, business, people, and life.

Break through that elusive money ceiling!  

Finally see business just happening without your constant touch, time investment, or mental attention.  

Have a balanced lifestyle, maintain wellness, and fortify healthy boundaries.  

Be present, attentive, and excited by all your rekindled and new relationships.  

Feel your body and mind more relaxed, focused, & present.  

Feel at ease on your days off and while on vacation. (Seriously, vacation!)  

And with increased profits you can really see that purpose & &ission expand into what it was truly destined to be.  

Reaching more people, impacting more lives, and radically shifting the course of our world for generations to come! 

A quick break down of the How: 

1- Equipping 2- Aspiration 3- Clarifying Mission and Purpose.  

4- Awareness 5- Alchemy 6- Creating Structure

7- Enroll 8- Abundance (marketing, consistency, maintaining alignment) 

Are you ready, to finally take that purpose & mission seriously?

If that sounds like a path you want to embark upon and you know you want guidance on how to maneuver the unseen terrain of energy now, to increase income, impact, and energy much faster;  

Then you will want to schedule a complimentary clarity call with me here:  

In the call…

I will help you get clear on: 

  • What patterns you have that are no longer serving you;
  • What you really want to create in life & business; and,
  • How I can help you bridge the energetic gap between where you are and where you want to be. 

I almost forgot! Because of the level of results that I promise in this call I have to be sure that before you step through that threshold that you are a major player in your field, life, and business. You must be serious about change, willing to try, and open to a different perspective than the ones you are accustomed to.

Also, playing all out and showing up on time is required. I will NOT reschedule last minute cancellations, or late calls. Also note: I am not a casual coach, or energy worker. I believe that without going into the real sticky issues that you will never clearly see the results you seek. So, be prepared for totally candid, unfiltered, and integral conversation. P.s. if this isn't you now, that is okay. I am unlikely the coach for you now. But if you ever feel called to reach out later. Take that as a sign that it is time, and purpose is calling you. In love, Erika